KFC bucket forming machine

KFC bucket forming machine

Our JBZ-60D middle speed  paper cup (bowl) forming machine is updated   from the common paper cup making machine for excellent overall     performance and outstanding stability. The paper bowl machinery is   designed with the function of  oil lubricating, bottom punching,   heating, knurling, curling, and discharging.

This JBZ-60D middle speed paper cup (bowl) forming machine is   engineered with  hot air blowing device and high speed precise cam   indexing unit, for high  accuracy and good reliability. Particularly   suitable for making tapered cup coated with PE on single  side or double   side for drinks and ice cream, the paper cup forming equipment is an  ideal choice  for paper cup industry.

Middle Speed Paper Cup (Bowl) Forming Machine Technical Specifications  

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Bonding ModeHot air or ultrasonic (for PE coated paper)
Cup Size46oz, 70oz, 150oz, barrel for KFC, etc.
Top Mouth Diameter150mm-210mm
Bottom Diameter90mm-165mm
Cup Height150mm-210mm
Rated Production Capacity25-30 pieces/min
Compressed Air1.8m3/min, 0.5MPa
Raw Material190-420g/m2
Roll Diameter of Raw Material≤1000mm (Intermittent working)
Installed PowerTotal power: 15kW Hot air: 8kW Main motor: 2.2kW
Weight3.5 tons
Dimension (L×W×H)3000×1800×1800mm

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