Automatic Plastic Thermoforming Machine

Automatic Plastic Thermoforming Machine

Main features:
 1. The machine is designed and manufactured by the standard of “GMP” in medical industry and “QS” in food industry.
 2. This machine can do forming, punching and blanking at the same time to avoid the cross-contamination of product.
 3. The forming heating plate can open and close automatically, also can delay to start, so as to control and lower the waste of the material during the production.
 4. Easy to replace the mould, application to different specifications of products.
 5. Design the mould according to customer’s requirements.
 6. Applicable projects: the material of HIPS, PVC, PET, PS.

Main technical parameters:

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Cutting Frequency15--45(times/min)
Stroke adjustable range300mm
Max. Forming Depth45mm
Max. Forming Area450×300mm
Overall Dimensions3500×1000×1600mm

Option for Customers:
 Add outer cover as below(extra to pay)


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